Picnic tables, tumblrs, and so much more!

With the summer soon drawing to a close, efforts to tie up loose ends and wrap up remaining projects are hitting overdrive. Over the course of the summer, I have worked on four main projects that address air, waste, water, and energy issues.  I have spent the majority of my time the past few weeks working on a project with Showmars. As part of the CMGC Showmars’ recent renovation, the City’s Sustainability Office and Showmars have collaborated to include green features such as LED lights, a compost program, and reusable cups. I put my creative skills to the test and designed tumblers for City, County, and CMS employees to use at the CMGC Showmars to further the City’s goal of reducing landfill waste.

Currently, I am organizing and designing a PowerPoint of these projects and will present it to the City’s Executive Team next week. Throughout the summer, I have noticed the interconnectedness of the people and organizations that work towards achieving a more sustainable community. It is encouraging to see the dedication and cooperation that all the organizations have while working together.

image1Speaking of dedication and cooperation, this past weekend our House Mom, Betsy, challenged us with the task of assembling two picnic tables for our backyard. The back of the house is shaded by trees and is the perfect place to enjoy an outdoor meal. In an effort to practice economic sustainability (it was going to be costly for physical plant to construct them), we began the assembly. Plagued by heat and a complete lack of construction skills, it took us two hours to finish the first table. Cue Betsy’s dad arriving to save the day. Mr. Marshall’s help whittled our assembly time to 40 minutes on the second picnic table. We rewarded ourselves with AC and ice pops. It was a productive day.


-Katherine English

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