ON THE AIR with sustainability


By Margo Stockdale

On Monday, July 18, the citizen science team headed over to the Beasley Media Group for our shot at prime time (well, if prime time were actually 6 am on Saturdays and Sundays). We were meeting Francene Morris of the Francene Marie Show. We went to chat about our project, including our recent Uptown mapping event.


Once we got settled in her office, Francene had us do a little soundcheck by saying our names and what we ate for breakfast (spoiler alert: Calvin doesn’t eat breakfast) and gave us some pointers on how we should talk into the mic. After practicing some musical chairs, we were able to work it out so that everyone was able to speak. Mary kicked off with an introduction about air pollution and a little bit about the organization. It took a second to get used to the environment, but once we got comfortable the rest of the interview was a breeze.


Francene was a terrific host and came prepared. She asked us very direct questions about the AirBeams, the July 12 event, and particle falls. Her energy was contagious and talking with her felt very natural. For most of us, it was our first time on the radio, so we were super excited. We aren’t entirely sure when the show will air yet, but it will either be Saturday, July 23 or 29 at 6 am on Kiss 95.1 & V101.9 or Sunday, July 24 or 30 on WSOC-FM – WKQC-FM, WFNZ-AM, WPEG-FM, WBCN-AM.


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