The Characters of Carpooling – Friends Edition

Everyone says they have a great carpool.  But do they really? Even though, most mornings someone is running out the door spilling coffee down their leg, another is trying to figure out what exactly they are forgetting, and yet another is worrying about the traffic, the Susty Scholars carpool is the BEST.

Now how good can a carpool really be, you ask? Well let me try to convey the awesomeness that is our carpool with a cult classic… FRIENDS.

PSA – We only have 3 people in our carpool so we can only have half the cast represented. 🙁 I know.

First off, we have Rachel Green, who in our house goes by “Steffaney Wood.” I’m pretty sure she actually was Rachel Green in another life with all the stories that she has told over the congested, brake light-filled, open road.  Steffaney, like Rachel, always has a great story to tell.  Like here, where she “didn’t know the words” to one of the best songs ever.

Next up, we have Jonathan Lee, who in this perfect carpool karaoke situation is a beautiful mix between Ross and Chandler. Jonathan exudes a flair for the ladies, as seen in the clip below…



As well as awkward bouts of sudden disinterest in the amazing playlist curated by yours truly…



And then… There is me. The Phoebe of the group. The one who dares to sing even though ear may bleed… The quirky, yet endearing glue of the carpool group. Always trying to create happiness out of the horrid commute in and out of Charlotte on the daily.  The #struggle is #real, y’all, and a little goofiness and random fun never hurt anybody.

Please enjoy the rest of the beautiful times had on our travels in and out of Charlotte in the links below… Til next time…

Awkward Arm: Insert Here



My Personal Favorite


-Taylor Brendle

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