Charlotte Sustainability: A Team Effort

My last week at work brought the program full circle. During orientation at the beginning of the summer, Betsy and Joe took us to Asheville for various activities and learning experiences. We learned about coal ash, and the challenges of safely disposing it. The struggle lies in the harmful and even fatal effects of coal Read more about Charlotte Sustainability: A Team Effort[…]


ON THE AIR with sustainability

By Margo Stockdale On Monday, July 18, the citizen science team headed over to the Beasley Media Group for our shot at prime time (well, if prime time were actually 6 am on Saturdays and Sundays). We were meeting Francene Morris of the Francene Marie Show. We went to chat about our project, including our Read more about ON THE AIR with sustainability[…]

The Characters of Carpooling – Friends Edition

Everyone says they have a great carpool.  But do they really? Even though, most mornings someone is running out the door spilling coffee down their leg, another is trying to figure out what exactly they are forgetting, and yet another is worrying about the traffic, the Susty Scholars carpool is the BEST. Now how good can a carpool Read more about The Characters of Carpooling – Friends Edition[…]

Finding My Place in Sustainability

Last week, I found myself in a familiar situation; let me paint the scene. I, along with several other of my Sustainability Scholar peers, had been invited to the Summer Sustainability “Lunch-Bunch”, an illuminati-esque meeting where sustainability directors from organizations in and around the Charlotte area gather to match wits and discuss current affairs surrounding Read more about Finding My Place in Sustainability[…]

Picnic tables, tumblrs, and so much more!

With the summer soon drawing to a close, efforts to tie up loose ends and wrap up remaining projects are hitting overdrive. Over the course of the summer, I have worked on four main projects that address air, waste, water, and energy issues.  I have spent the majority of my time the past few weeks Read more about Picnic tables, tumblrs, and so much more![…]

Sustainability Tips

As part of my employment at the Davidson College Farm, I send out a weekly newsletter to the members of our ‘Cats Supported Agriculture program, in which I include a weekly sustainability tip. I’ve decided to share these tips and have listed them below. Sustainability Tip 1: Using Your Fridge Often times, we think all Read more about Sustainability Tips[…]

He’s The Community Educator Garinger Deserves, But Not the One it Needs Right Now

  Upon first glance, my coworker Jacob doesn’t come across as an educator. If anything, his long brown hair and ZZ Top beard place him in the same educator class as Dewey Finn from School of Rock. However, he is truly endowed with the ability to teach. Jacob is a member of Food Corps, an Read more about He’s The Community Educator Garinger Deserves, But Not the One it Needs Right Now[…]

More social sustainability with Steffaney #DiscussCLT #AffordableHousing

  Rent is generally considered too high if you are spending more than 30% of your monthly income on it. This criterion acts as a basic definition for the affordable housing issue, which the most recent installment of Charlotte Magazine’s #DiscussCLT addressed. Many attendees of the event, entitled “What Happens When the Rent Gets Too Read more about More social sustainability with Steffaney #DiscussCLT #AffordableHousing[…]